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November 23, 2022

I'm Dr. Britt
It is my mission to beckon the best version of you to heal and take massive action on your dreams. Together, we will turn decades of work into days. 
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I do not subscribe to the thought process that healing is a long term process which is why I have invested some serious time and money into learning how to help you heal quickly and effectively. And what I have learned is incredible! I am here to tell you right now that YOU can experience full emotional and mental healing using my rapid breakthrough technique! Yes, you read that correctly. Healing CAN happen quickly AND effectively. The conscious mind only accounts for about 10% of your brain’s capacity while the unconscious mind is responsible for 90% of your brain’s processing power. The conscious mind is what you are using right now to read this; it’s the part of you that knows something is off and/or missing. Your unconscious mind is the part of you that knows what and/or why you are feeling stuck, frustrated, or simply longing for more. 

My Story

Mental & Emotional Release ®

Your breakthrough experience with me begins with full emotional healing using the powerful process of Mental and Emotional Release ® (MER). We’ll carefully unpack the past so you can release, heal and integrate the negative emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from being who you want to be. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve guided others through this incredibly transformative experience in both a live audience and private, one-to-one setting. Releasing stored energy, emotions, beliefs and patterns enables you to lay a solid new foundation, creating the optimism and freedom to create the life you want. This process is one of the most powerfully uplifting experiences you will ever have. And, with my guidance and support, you’ll start to create your life feeling focused, elevated, determined and aligned with your purpose.

Your Unique Experience

The breakthrough experience varies from person to person because while we may have similar themes in our life, the meanings we make and the responses we have are all different. I can confidently say that every single one of my clients has successfully experienced breakthrough – having released their negative emotions, limiting beliefs, stress, and anxiety. To learn more about the process and how it can propel you into your dream life, click below.

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We tell the truth here and the truth is that we all have baggage. Baggage is the stuff that our unconscious mind has stored to protect itself in the short term but actually holds us back from living our best life in the long run. The good news is that you CAN release all of it and launch yourself into your best life!


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