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May 12, 2023

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with Dana Kantara

You may have noticed that lately I have been adding to our group of friends here. That is simply because there are so many amazing women out there and I firmly believe that we can all learn from each other as we all work towards being the best version of ourselves. Today, I want to introduce you to my friend Dana Kantara. Dana is a Physicians Assistant (PA) with over twelve years of experience. She taught medicine at Baylor University for 7 years and has three teenage children with her husband of 9 years. In this episode Dana not only shares why she has retired from her career field to focus on holistic health and entrepreneurship but also how we can best advocate for our bodies and take full ownership of our health.

Intuition & Labs

As women, we have this beautiful thing called intuition. We know that we know when something is off whether it be our bodies, our relationships, etc. We know. And yet we can find ourselves questioning our own intuition when a physician – someone we trust to know more and better than us tells us otherwise. Friend, only you know what you feel and if it is not how you want to feel, seek answers.

Have you ever just known that something is off but your labs are reported back as “normal?” I have heard this on repeat from so many women my entire life. Dana shed light on the fact that this “normal” range of results is based on the average American. Furthermore, the standard set of labs for that field of practice may not be the labs you need to be looking at. While this may be controversial, the truth is that Americans rank much lower in health and wellness than most of the world and the range used in medicine today is a very wide range. This is exactly why you can feel off and still be told you are fine.

Research Research Research

As a doctor, nerd, growth seeker, and researcher, I love this part! Dana and I share the value of research and how we have so much access to information. Dana and I also know that while the vast amount of information at our fingertips can seem overwhelming and maybe even contradicting, the answers are there or at the very least the foundation you need to stand on is there.

In this episode, Dana shares how being armed with information and a list of specific questions and/or labs is the key to having a productive conversation with your physician. Your research will also guide you as to what type of physician you should see for the concern(s) you are having. I love Dana’s saying of “don’t ask your electrician for plumbing advice.” While your physician may have great bedside manners and be knowledgeable in his/her field, that does not necessarily make him/her the expert you need.


You can advocate for your body! Just because someone has some type of authority or has a certain degree(s) behind their name, does not mean that they can dictate your future and your health. You are the ultimate boss of your body.

Dana and I both know that this can be overwhelming at times, but find stories of people who have encountered and overcome ailments similar to your own. Be encouraged and inspired by their self healing journey. Friend, we have talked about what we rehearse matters; your health and wellness is no different. If you want to experience something different in your health or even with a new provider, you cannot carry the old experience or old evidence into the new one. If you want to advocate for yourself, you have to look for new evidence.

More from this Episode

Having been diagnosed with three different autoimmune diseases during her time of practicing, Dana knew that the standard practice was to refer to the specific ologist and they would prescribe a list of drugs. This was a red flag to Dana that there has to be more! We chatted about so many relatable and relevant topics like avoiding the drug cascade, getting to the root of autoimmune disease, “alternative” medicine, who to partner with a provider, how your mind plays a large role in your body’s wellness and so much more. This is an episode you do not want to miss! As you listen, think about these questions as you get ready to take ownership of your health and advocate for your body like never before!

  1. Where do you struggle with advocating for your body?
  2. What conversation do you need to change with yourself?
  3. What do you need to research or prepare so that you feel ready to discuss your health?
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